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Reflective Analysis Essay

In my short story entitled, ‘Words Haunt Me,’ the language registers and varieties in the short story just as perspectives to language and informative conduct of the characters will be talked about. All through the story, a personal register was utilized among Romain and Rae-Ann. This is on the grounds that they are truly alright with one another. Also, it is the language set apart by specific words and articulations as observed when Rae-Ann says â€Å"It’s going to be okay babe.† However, a progressively formal tone is traded among Romain and Mr. furthermore, Mrs. Carmino. This is level of convention may have been embraced on the grounds that Romain was meeting them just because. This is evident as Romain announces â€Å"Good evening Mr. what's more, Mrs. Carmino, a joy to meet you!† Mr. what's more, Mrs. Carmino spoke Standard English utilizing theacrolect variety as found in this model â€Å"So what are your goals with my little girl youthful man.† Their decision of language may have been a direct result of their ‘upper class status’. Nonetheless, Romain spokecreole at stretches all through the section and at certain spans in any event, shouting inbas ilect as he was sincerely excited. The solace at which he spokebas ilect persuades this is his first language of decision and he is truly OK with it as clear in the numerous highlights of the creole organizing, for example, the utilization of ‘mi’ as a subject modifier and the supplanting of the ‘th’ with the‘d’ as found in the model ‘Dere is nuting incorrectly mind de way I speak!’ Theattitudes figured to language fluctuate given a person’s recognition. In the concentrate, Mr. Carmino detests the creole utilized by Romain. He considers acrolect/Standard English unrivaled tocr eole. He shows this by saying â€Å"â€Å"You communicate in the language of the underdogs.† Romain then again, shields his language as he sees nothing amiss with it. He additionally, partners Standard English with a higher class†¦ ‘Corporate world.’ A case of an open conduct which was displayed all through the section is motions. Romain cleaning his hands demonstrated his anxiety while Mr. Carmino’s harsh handshake is deciphered as an indication of power. Other informative practices included outward appearances as observed when Mr. Carmino’s ‘eyebrows glared together which outlines his outrage and furthermore through vocalics when Romain raised his voice to show his disappointment. In endeavoring to examine my second intelligent I have taken a gander at the connection between a person’s colloquial varieties, decision of register, disposition to language and open practices, which are all significant in correspondence.

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Essay on Social Networking Sites

Article on Social Networking Sites Social systems administration destinations crested the year 2007. These destinations supported online social associations. Early locales, for example, SixDegrees. com and Friendster permitted individuals to deal with a rundown of companions. One disadvantage to these locales was that they didn't offer clients the capacity to distribute content like web journals. Long range interpersonal communication locales start with a gathering of authors conveying messages to companions to join the system. Thusly the companions convey messages to their companions, and the system develops. At the point when individuals join the system, they make a profile.Depending on the site, clients can alter their profile to mirror their inclinations. They likewise start to have contact with companions, colleagues, and outsiders. Established in 2002, Friendster utilized the model of companions welcoming companions to participate so as to develop its system. It immediately mar ked on a large number of clients. Shockingly, as the site developed bigger, specialized issues surfaced. Agonizingly moderate servers made it hard for clients to move around the site. Furthermore, the executives implemented severe arrangements on counterfeit profiles. These bogus profiles, or â€Å"fakesters,† as they were known, were erased by the site.This approach killed clients. In the long run, Friendster started to lose individuals in the United States. Individual systems administration site SixDegrees. com shut its entryways after the website bust in 2000. Inside a couple of years, these early informal communication destinations discovered their ubiquity declining. Simultaneously, another informal communication site called MySpace was starting to take off. THE RISE OF MySpace united the social highlights of systems administration destinations and the distributing capacities of websites. The mix of the two apparatuses hit a grand slam with adolescents. Youngsters were s earching for a progressively social approach to blog.MySpace gave the arrangement. In 2003 Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe propelled MySpace in Santa Monica, California. As music fans, the pair planned the site as a spot to advance nearby music acts. They likewise needed to have the option to interface with different fans and companions. On MySpace, clients made a Web page with an individual profile. At that point they welcomed different clients to turn into their companions. As indicated by DeWolfe, the groups were an incredible promoting device before all else. He stated: â€Å"All these inventive individuals became ministers for MySpace by utilizing us as their true limited time platform.People like to discuss music, so the groups set up an indigenous habitat to impart. â€Å"1 Anderson and DeWolfe were resolved to keep MySpace an open site. Anybody could join the network, peruse profiles, and post anything they desired. Client control was one of their establishing standards. It additionally made introductory financing hard to track down. As per Anderson: â€Å"We'd get calls from financial specialist types who needed to meet us. They would state ‘Your site isn't proficient. For what reason do you let clients control the pages? They're so monstrous! ‘†2 In the interim MySpace kept on marking individuals up. Youngsters and youthful grown-ups adored the site.They ran to make their own profiles. The capacity to alter pages, load music, and offer recordings added to the MySpace request. Not at all like other early long range informal communication locales, MySpace gave clients a media-rich encounter. Clients could communicate on their Web page by including music and video cuts. Simultaneously, they could associate with companions. MySpace reached simpler with instruments, for example, email, remark posts, visit rooms, pal records, conversation sheets, and texting. MySpace united the capacity to communicate and to associate in one place.The t iming was great. Throughout the following two years, MySpace developed at a huge pace. The site's prosperity brought consideration from financial specialists. Rupert Murdoch, well known for his media domain, needed to purchase MySpace. Murdoch had interests in TV, film, papers, distributing, and the Internet. In 2005 Murdoch bought MySpace for a stunning $580 million. By mid 2008 MySpace had developed to an amazing 110 million dynamic clients. It marked a normal of thirty thousand individuals up each day. One out of four Americans was on MySpace. The Web website had become the monster among long range interpersonal communication sites.It was the most dealt webpage on the Internet. MySpace's impact went outside of the United States. The organization fabricated a neighborhood nearness in more than twenty universal regions. MySpace could be found in spots, for example, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Latin America. In a couple of brief years, MySpace had become an overall soc ial wonder. Person to person communication BEYOND MYSPACE The accomplishment of MySpace in the long range informal communication field prodded the turn of events and update of numerous other online interpersonal organizations. A few destinations engaged a general audience.Others, for example, Black Planet, LinkedIn, and MyChurch, tried to serve a specialty advertise. Facebook was one site that rose as an option to MySpace. In February 2004 Harvard understudy Mark Zuckerberg propelled Facebook. The site started as a shut system for undergrads. Shut systems possibly permit clients to join on the off chance that they meet certain models. Interestingly, destinations, for example, MySpace and Friendster were open interpersonal interaction locales. Anybody could pursue a record. Open and shut informal organizations have points of interest and impediments. Open systems encourage communication among grown-ups and teens.Parents can determine the status of their youngster's profile and choose if they are OK with their kid's online picture. Then again, open access implies that profiles are totally open and can draw in undesirable consideration. Shut systems are commonly littler. All things considered, there is a more prominent possibility a client will know different individuals both on the web and disconnected. Yet, a shut system squares guardians from perusing their teenager or understudy's profile. Being shut additionally restrains an informal community's capacity to develop and draw in new clients. As a shut school organize, Facebook developed by adding more universities to its network.By the finish of 2004, Facebook had very nearly 1 million dynamic clients. As Facebook's prominence developed, it extended past universities to secondary school and worldwide school clients. Now, be that as it may, the site was as yet confined to a restricted pool of understudy clients. In 2006 Facebook settled on a crucial choice. It opened the system to the overall population, growin g past its unique understudy base. By May 2008 Facebook gloated more than 70 million dynamic clients. Around then, it was the second-most dealt person to person communication webpage behind MySpace and the 6th most dealt website on the Web.As an option to MySpace, Facebook's informal organization picked up prominence with business experts and associates. Facebook's motivation was to assist clients with associating on the web with individuals that they definitely knew disconnected. Not at all like the wild-looking pages found on MySpace, Facebook advanced a perfect, precise online experience. VIDEO-AND PHOTO-SHARING SITES Online long range interpersonal communication developed into a full sight and sound involvement in the appearance of video-and photograph sharing Web locales. Clients could transfer visual substance to impart to companions and different clients. Photograph sharing locales, for example, Flickr empowered clients to move computerized photographs online to impart to oth ers.Users concluded whether to share their photographs freely or limit access to private gatherings. Clients could likewise utilize the site's highlights to arrange and store pictures and video. One of the most well known video-sharing Web destinations was YouTube. The webpage, established in 2005, utilized Adobe Flash innovation to show cuts from motion pictures and TV, music recordings, and video online journals. Clients could transfer, offer, and view video cut subjects from the most recent motion pictures to interesting minutes caught on film. Not every person needed to make a profile, compose a blog, or transfer pictures and video.Other interpersonal interaction devices permitted these clients to partake on the web. Messages sent messages to a companion's electronic post box. Texting was an ongoing discussion between two individuals online simultaneously. Remark presenting permitted clients on cooperate and talk about a companion's blog, profile, or pictures. Indeed, even web b ased gaming was a type of informal communication, permitting players to meet others with comparative interests on the web. WHY IS ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING SO POPULAR? The fame of online long range interpersonal communication has incited specialists to investigate the likenesses between online informal organizations and inborn societies.According to Lance Strate, a correspondences teacher at Fordham University, informal organizations advance to individuals since they feel more like talking than composing. â€Å"Orality is the base of all human experience,† said Strate. â€Å"We developed with discourse. We didn't develop with composing. â€Å"3 Irwin Chen, an educator at Parsons configuration school, is building up another course to investigate oral culture on the web. He concurs with Strate. â€Å"Orality is participatory, intuitive, common and concentrated on the present,† he says. â€Å"The Web is these things. â€Å"4 Michael Wesch trains social humanities at Ka nsas State University.He concentrated how individuals structure social connections while living with a clan in Papua New Guinea. He contrasted the clan with online person to person communication. â€Å"In ancestral societies, your personality is totally enveloped with the subject of how individuals know you,† he said. â€Å"When you take a gander at Facebook, you can see a similar example at work: individuals anticipating their personalities by exhibiting their connections to one another. You characterize yourself regarding who your companions are. â€Å"5 Despite the associations between informal organizations and innate societies, critical contrasts exist.In inborn social orders connections structure through eye to eye contact. Informal communities permit clients to hole up behind a PC screen. Inborn social orders grasp formal customs. Interpersonal organizations esteem an easygoing way to deal with connections. A great many individuals over the world have joined online i nformal communities. Maybe their prevalence comes from our natural want to be part o

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Philosophy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 5

Reasoning - Essay Example America’s Visions Different landmasses on the planet have divergent legends about human personality. For example, in America, the primary story is on Emergence, which expresses that all individual originated from an alternate world and settled in the one they are at present living. The other world, which is the belly, is considered as the earth mother. This rise is regularly alluded to as conceiving an offspring. The birthing assistant for this situation is a female who resembles a creepy crawly lady. In this development story, the male individuals are not highlighted anyplace. For this situation, the arrangement of people is regularly done in different phases of development and change. This is required by internal powers in the belly, lastly the individuals rise up out of a gap and in the end settle in their current homes. The ex nihilo story is found in numerous societies, America notwithstanding, which implies â€Å"out of nothing†. Human personality is achieved by t he idea of a maker who through his fantasies and breath had the option to shape an individual. Through the creator’s substantial emissions, they accepted that a being would be shaped thus. This is exclusively from inside the maker who doesn't exist in the physical world. Another story is the world parent, which depicts the association of two guardians when they are both separated from each other. These two guardians are alluded to as the Sky and the Earth, which portrays the male, and female individually. ... East Asia In East Asia, and especially Japan, their vision of human personality was like the American and Central Asian societies. From the outset, there was turmoil, and out of it came light that framed the sky. It later shaped the earth. Both the sky and the earth shaped different manifestations and it is right now that the underlying foundations of two individuals Yang and Yin who were male and female separately started to develop in the sky and the earth. Right now them two were joined and they began isolating to make a man and another light brought someone else who resembled him and he instructed him to make garments to cover himself since he was bare. Another form is of how a flying creature was sent under the water to make a land inside the water where individuals can live. The winged animal at that point went sprinkling water separated with its feet simultaneously making the earth when individuals will live. They accept that their precursor was a bear due to their bushy bodie s. They additionally accept that two individuals a male and a female were sent to the earth and had a child from where they began. Australia and the Pacific vision A dream on the Australian legends was tied in with breaking down each creature and its highlights, which included why the emu has long legs, why the snake has no legs and the motivation behind why the koala has no tail among others. They recount the development of the Milky Way and the relocation of creatures to Australia. They recount how the main people appeared in the mainland and how the start appeared. They had faith in a wondrous being that went everywhere throughout the world making trees, creatures and everything on the planet and ultimately made people. African Vision In

The United States Congress Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The United States Congress - Research Proposal Example The certifications of Donald A. Ritchie were the measuring stick that prompted the determination of this source. He is the Historian of the United States Senate, he altered the shut hearing transcripts of Senator Joseph R. McCarthys examinations, and his book, Press Gallery: Congress and the Washington Correspondents won him the Organization of American Historians Richard W. Leopold Prize. A. Presentation: Overview of United States Congress. This will incorporate a concise history of Congress, the situation of Congress in United States’ political life and the examination questions: â€Å"how does the Congress influence the United States economy?† and for what reason does the Congress advance from a unicameral administrative body to a bicameral authoritative one including the Senate and House of Representatives?† will initially be introduced in the presentation. B. History and advancement of the United State Congress. A detail history of the United State Congress, which will incorporate the various periods the Congress has gone through, is introduced. The structure of Congress will likewise be inspected. In the part, the examination question: â€Å"why does the Congress advance from a unicameral authoritative body to a bicameral administrative one containing the Senate and House of Representatives?† will be replied. Questions, for example, â€Å"who are the Founding Fathers of Congress?†, â€Å"what was their mission?†, and â€Å"where was the Congress formed?† will be replied. C. Forces of the United States Congress. A nitty gritty conversation of Congressional force will be introduced. The job the Congress has play since its development and down through the historical backdrop of the United States will be explored and uncovered. The ideas of governing rules will be examined in this part. Research addresses, for example, how does â€Å"the Congress influence the United States economy?†, â€Å"how does the Congress play into the President’s role?†, and â€Å"how does the Congress handle policy centered issues with other

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Leasing vs Purchasing free essay sample

There are no removal charges on the grounds that the renting organization will be answerable for the gear rented. By supplanting the current cut off arrangement ( the organization has over twelve machines running 24 hours consistently), with new rented IBM minimal server, we will slice power costs by up to half. Substance Summary2 Introduction4 Discussion4 Requirements Scope and Background4 prerequisites to be achieved:4 a few renting and fund organizations with the best answers for the company4 Salary Expense Before Leasing fig 15 Salary Expense After Leasing fig 25 Leasing and Financing Programs7 Leasing and Financing fig37 advantages of recruiting a renting company:8 Conclusion9 Bibliography10 Appendix A11 Introduction This report investigates the techniques different organizations use to monitor working capital. The suggestion is to rent to stay with the at the front line of the innovation bend, and continue working capital free. The organization will likewise have the choice to overhaul hardware when the following progression happens at a small amount of the price tag of a similar gear. We will compose a custom article test on Renting versus Purchasing or on the other hand any comparable theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Renting PC gear and innovation shields the organization from hardware oldness. Before, we have bought the entirety of our IT hardware. This system has intermittently put a channel on working capital. This kind of mass spending leaves the organization in a powerless money related position. The organization spares a gigantic measure of cash discharging these consumptions. We propose an approach to deal with this procedure effortlessly and more prominent estimate exactness. Conversation Recently hardware removal has become an issue. A year ago the organization cycled out 35 PCs because of out of date quality. The organization needed to pay a free organization an expulsion charge in view of the synthetic substances in the LCD screens of our machines. The servers were encountering awful inertness times. Personal time for keeping up the databases have created turmoil and wastefulness with the administration staff and deals group. The company’s IT staff has nearly significantly increased in the previous 5 years as it battles to look after databases, programming, and hardware. Renting hardware with â€Å"Coupled IT Services† diminish compensation costs by 33%. We have met a few decent renting organizations who money, just as administration the hardware rented (see Attachment 1 for the IBM breakdown on rent associations). Prerequisites Scope and Background necessities to be accomplished: * 25% Working capital yield decrease for IT gear * Comply with new all inclusive â€Å"Green Initiative† * Simplify PC overhauls * Increase IT productivity everal renting and money organizations with the best answers for the organization * PC Mall (on the web) * IBM * HP * Cisco The new commands started by the organization we researched found that renting IT hardware fits well into the new course. By testing the vitality yield of the old hardware and recently rented machines, contemplates show that the fresh er gear beat the old hardware. The renting of PC hardware sets aside the organization cash and assets and the earth. By using one of the renting and financing organizations, we will re-appropriate 33% of inside IT staffing. Discharging five to seven IT pros, the organization will decrease compensation costs. â€Å"A occasion bunch has determined that it has cut its IT costs by practically half by renting its PC’s and programming as opposed to purchasing. † [ (Mohamed, 2005) ] Salary Expense Before Leasing fig 1 Salary Expense After Leasing fig 2 Leasing and Financing Programs In the present condition of the economy, there are numerous organizations that have shut their entryways. We might want to forestall this by introducing an approach to diminish costs. â€Å"†¦leasing can give financing †at times up to 100% of the procurement cost †when bank credit is rare. Also, turnkey renting programs roll the procurement, upkeep, redesigning and exchanging of hardware into one bundle. † [ (Couretas, 1997) ] Leasing and Financing Programs in Q3 fig 3 Leasing and Financing fig3 [ (PC Mall Leasing Options, 2009) ] The proposition is to rent the IT hardware utilizing one of the organizations in the delineation fig 3. We have addressed the client account delegates of the renting organizations. They are altogether anxious to plan an interview meeting with upper administration and the IT division heads. [ (Leasing can help oversee evolving innovation, 1997) ] PC innovation advances quickly. There is an unmistakable headway year to year. PCs handle additionally preparing power, utilize less vitality, and devalue like rocks tumbling off Pike’s Peak. Renting forestalls out of date quality. It offers a chance to update hardware for a small amount of the expense of buying. With better gear, the organization remains in front of the IT bend and enhances efficiency from all offices that use the in house private system. IT gear has a normal valuable existence of five to eight years. The organization can utilize the present servers for the following three years with decreased efficiency. The inactivity times with the present hardware is extremely moderate contrasted with the new machines. Dormancy is the time taken for a bundle of information to be transmitted. IBM has servers for rent that have the absolute least dormancy times available. IBM additionally has a help included with the rent that permits you to overhaul the hardware. Subsequently, as a general rule, renting will keep the organization from buying, and spending working capital at regular intervals. Fulfilling the â€Å"Green House Initiative,† the servers we will move up to would decrease vitality utilization by as much as 27%. The organization can utilize this new innovation until the new innovation shows up. Utilizing a renting organization as a remarketer of hardware is a â€Å"hedge against mechanical obsolescence’ for business, said Al Golembewski , first VP at Sanwa Business Credit Corp. in Chicago† [ (Couretas, 1997) ] We can diminish pay cost by renting. There are a few plans that represent the support and upkeep of the product and gear. The IT workers can concentrate on organization possessed hardware. Decreasing the time spent fixing the system permits the organization let loose IT worker hours for use on in-house ventures. We propose the organization discharge five of the fifteen IT experts we have on staff to spare over $250,000. Since renting doesn't require the measure of cash spent on buying, the organization spares around there too. One primary objective is to let loose working capital. Two different ways have been referenced previously. We rent for a low month to month charge, ($451 every month for a three year rent), and we use vitality productive machines. The IBM System x3850 is one such machine. It has a decent plan and it is adaptable. At the end of the day as the organization needs all the more handling power, this machine can be moved up to suit this need. Renting doesn't require the measure of cash spent on buying. The present server being used today cost $15,640 4 years prior. On the off chance that the machine had been rented, the organization would be prepared today for a quicker, increasingly proficient, vitality productive machine. The expenses related with devaluation would likewise have been maintained a strategic distance from. In 2001 Dick Wessel, senior deals advisor with Lewan and Associates, suggests renting for costly gear. He stated, â€Å"Most organizations don’t need to work out a check for that; it’s a lot simpler for them to make regularly scheduled installments, â€Å"he said. â€Å" Office gear is a great deal like cars †when you drive it off the parcel, they deteriorate by 40%† [ (Wolf, 2001) ]. The organization could deduct month to month rent installments as a working cost. advantages of employing a renting organization: Event IT SERVICES: Delivery of equipment including consultancy, venture the board, establishment, and on location support. IT administrators will likewise take note of the accessibility of a capacity to have the renting organization discard old hardware (see Custom Made Services). Coherence Services Reduces the effect of a calamity or gigantic interference of IT framework by giving utilitarian substitution equipment and related administrations inside the concurred time  Custom Made Services Hand crafted administrations like demo the board, gear the board (removal administrations) Tax Benefits Deduct month to month rent installments as a working cost. Your month to month rent installments ordinarily are charge deductible as an operational expense (Consult your duty counsel). Income Predictability Reduce money related vulnerability and increment guaging precision with reliable rent installments. Improve Budget Approval Leases Can be sorted as working costs. (PC Mall Leasing Options, 2009) â€Å"For the dollar-esteem rent, clients essentially put a dollar down to buy the gear toward the finish of the rent. The downside of the game plan is higher loan fees than clients get under the reasonable market/working lease†¦However, there is a duty advantage for buying gear or utilizing a dollar-esteem rent that organizations don't get with a working lease. The duty advantage accompanies the devaluation of the gear. Organizations that utilization a dollar-esteem rent fit the bill for the expense advantage since the course of action is comparable to buying. † [ (Wolf, 2001) ] Conclusion Leasing lessens the yield of working capital. We estimate that the organization will utilize less of its dollars one after another. The organization can spread its IT cost over a more drawn out period. The organization can deal with this spending plan simpler than planning for a colossal buy each a few years. It is anything but difficult to get a renting understanding than a credit for the acquisition of IT hardware. Renting permits the organization to remain on the bleeding edge of innovation improving proficiency and profitability. From the realities introduced in this report, the organization should bolster the renting of IT gear. The organization ought to

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Course Recommendations by Concentration and Specialization COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Course Recommendations by Concentration and Specialization COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog If you’re in NYC and have some time to visit SIPA, sit in on a class! As some of you have read in my self-introduction, the class I sat in on way back in Spring 2017 was what made me send in that deposit and come to SIPA. Here are some second-year students’ recommendations for which classes to sit in by concentration and some specializations! While not all of these classes may be available for Spring 2019, this is a good framework to consider what you want to explore. CONCENTRATION Economic and Political Development As an EPD student specializing in Sub-Saharan Africa, I vividly recommend Yvette Christianse’s Unheard Voices class. Professor Christianse manages to blend emotions and knowledge. She listens to and cares about all her students. Attending this class enables you to combine creative writing with literary reviews. Contrarily to previous “African” classes I attended, Yvette Christianse manages to make a distinction between all Sub-Saharan African states and to develop strong arguments on each region, while remaining intrinsically open-minded about students’ perspectives and opinions. Claire Pictet Energy and Environment I would definitely recommend INAF U6326: Renewable Energy Project Finance Modelling. Its a 1.5 credit course that does not require a finance background. The course-load is heavy, but definitely a worthwhile learning experience. Students can gain a snapshot of the contracts, financial models and risks associated with renewable infrastructure projects. The financial modelling skills are very practical and marketable for various careers opportunities in the energy sector. Katie Choi Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy I would recommend Politics of History and Reconciliation with Professor Barkan. The class is about historical memory and the extent to which it plays a role in grappling with atrocities and human rights abuses. Sessions are always very animated, and almost every topic we look at from collective  trauma, to the interplay between court cases and historical records inspires real-time reflection and debate. It is also a great class to take if you want to take a look at human rights and their  violations over time from an  unorthodox perspective. Amir Khouzam International Finance and Economic Policy For IFEP students interested in taking specific regional banking class, i would recommend taking up European Banking INAF 6021 with Prof. Irene Finel-Honigman. Professor Honigman provides great insight into European banking history with her vast knowledge on the region. The class will consist of weekly discussions on specific European countries and their banking industry. There will also be a few cases on the large European banks and how they are crucial to the world economy. And if you are lucky enough, there are several guest speakers that come to the class to further enrich the students’ knowledge. Panji Caraka Djani International Security Policy Methods of Defense Analysis (U6825): Defense Policy Analysis is one of the most important skills sought by employers in the Defense and Security sector. The Methods of Defense Analysis course is designed to teach students the skills necessary to handle the responsibilities of an entry-level defense analyst within the government as well as think-tanks. The course emphasizes research design and defense analysis methodologies and throughout the course, students will conduct a number of case studies published by various think-tanks. The course also affords students an opportunity to apply the basics of quantitative analysis to a course relevant to the ISP concentration. Of equal importance, the course professor, Dr. Stephen Biddle, is an accomplished academic and an amazing professor that makes a tough subject enjoyable. Clayton J. Dixon Urban and Social Policy One of the more unique courses at SIPA, GIS For International Studies helps students develop practical skills with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), and remote sensing technologies. The class is fairly hands on and has some real applications for policy analysis and practices at global and also regional levels. Particularly recommended for those interested in land use, population trends, and urban planning. Molly Dow SPECIALIZATION Gender and Public Policy HPMN P8578 Money, Politics Law: Public Health Abortion: I chose the course because I had no context or knowledge of abortion policy in the United States beyond what Id read in the media, or what I knew about Roe V. Wade. The class was incredibly informative and probably one of the best classes I took at Columbia. The history of abortion policy extends far beyond Roe. V. Wade and the course explored every aspect of abortion policy from a political and legal perspective. I highly recommend this course, though it is only offered in the Fall semester. I loved the class so much I briefly considered going to law school because of it (very briefly). Niara Valério International Organization UN Studies The class (Governance and Management in the UN System (INAF U8560)) taught by Professor Bruce Jenks exposed me to the managerial and administrative aspects of the United Nations. It was an eye-opening class for me that offered more realistic views on the Organizations function and working methods. It also forced me to think about innovative and feasible ways to transform the UN to respond to todays complex challenges worldwide. With his incredible expertise, knowledge, and experience having worked in UNDP, Professor Jenks provides honest perspectives on the future of the UNand multilateralismin this class. And I believe this class is one of the most critical classes for anyone aspiring to work for a multilateral organization to take to think beyond theories and to prepare themselves to tackle real-life challenges in a practical manner. June Ban Technology, Media, and Communications The Technology, Media and Communications Specialization provides students several different paths to study the increasingly relevant and headline defining policy issues connected to how technology is impacting our media and politics. For those interested in cyber-security issues, a great way to be introduced to the topic is through Professor Healy’s Dynamics of Cyber Power and Conflict, where he teaches about the national security threats, challenges, and policy responses to a major cyber incident. Additionally, for students interested in media and communications, Media Campaigning and Social Change, taught by Professor Anya Schiffrin, the director of the program, examines how media, social media and NGOs can take on a campaigning role in raising awareness about social problems and holding authorities accountable. Shalaka Joshi Class visits for the Spring 2019 semester are now open, and you can sign up  here! This blog post may help you with decoding SIPA courses.

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Diamond Of National Advantage Marketing Assignment - 275 Words

Diamond Of National Advantage Marketing Assignment (Essay Sample) Content: centercenterWasimrOLL NO. | STUDENT ID 8820090900WasimrOLL NO. | STUDENT IDDiamond of national advantage:A country cannot become successful without a clear strategy and direction. A nation might be very hardworking but if its energies are not concentrated in the right direction and are scattered here and there or are focused on the wrong direction then nothing positive could be gained from this hard work. That is why it is said that working smartly is as important as working hardly. A question arises here that how could a country know whether its efforts are being concentrated on the right things or not. The answer to this question lies in the diamond of national advantage model given by Porter in 1990s. He said that a comprehensive study of four factors could help in making a clear strategy and deciding the direction of the concentration of efforts by a country. Additionally, this model could only be used by countries and not by companies. The four factors about which he talked in diamond of national advantage are factor conditions, demand conditions, related and supporting industries and firm strategy, structure and rivalry. These factors pinpoint the industry that has the capability and potential to get competitive edge for the country.Competitive industry of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:Whenever the name of oil industry is taken, the first country that comes in anyones mind is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Similarly, whenever one talks about Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, he could not get the image of high building and loads of wealth generated by the Kingdom from its oil industry. Thus, these two go hand in hand. The Kingdom has a competitive advantage in its oil industry, but drops in oil price for about an era has effected every factor on the diamond of national advantage and has negatively affected the progress of the economy CITATION Car15 \l 1033 (Difiglio, 2015).Factor conditions:If factor conditions is defined in the most basic way, then it cou ld be said that these are the inputs to the industry. There are four main inputs that we always study at the basic level. These are land, labor, capital and infrastructure. In case of the Kingdom, land could be equated with the huge amounts of natural reserves found under the deserts soil. Although different estimates exist about the potential natural reserves of oil in the Kingdom, but it has maintained its position as the biggest producer for many eras. These natural reserves are not affected by the drop in prices, but talks are being done about the production cuts or production caps which will affect the exploration, production and sale of these reserves. The second basic factor i.e. labor also get disturbed by these price drops. A lot of people in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are working for the public sector but due to decrease in budgets and cuts in different government projects, freezing of new hiring has been done at many places which has a direct impact on the fresh graduate s. Additionally, people working with the oil companies or in supporting industries are stressed about their job safety due to these price drops. The third basic input i.e. capital has stopped coming in the oil industry because of negative trends and analysis reports by experts who think that that future of oil industry does not seem that bright right now and for the coming few years at the least. This situation has also increased the borrowing rate and decrease in the ratings of Kingdom by Standard Poor. Finally, the last basic input i.e. infrastructure is not being developed anymore due to high deficits in the budget of Kingdoms government as she was entirely dependent upon oil reserves.Demand conditionsIf demand conditions are defined in the most basic way, then it could be said that demand is the market trends about the customers. Currently, customers are delighted from the drops in oil prices as they are saving up a lot of money that was previously spent by them on the oil requ ired for their daily needs. Drop in oil prices has also decreased prices of some other commodities and services such as energy and transport etc. As customers are happy on one hand, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is losing its biggest importers in light of the new dynamics of the oil industry. United States of America was one of the biggest oil importers of the Kingdom but they are now doing exploration for their own shale gas. In the past few years, the shale gas projects were estimated to see a boom but the current reports along with the views coming from analysts show that these dropped prices of oil are actually helping Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to drive its competitors out of the market i.e. it is becoming extremely difficult for United States of America to continue competing with oil at the level of prices that have become the new norm of the oil industry in this era. Similarly, United Kingdoms oil industries in the North Sea are also having troubles to compete with oil prices CIT ATION EdC \l 1033 (Conway, n.d.). The Kingdom is however gaining attention from some new members or developing countries such as India which is a good news for the dwindling oil industry CITATION Kab15 \l 1033 (Taneja, 2015).Related and supporting industriesIf related and supporting industries are defined in the most basic way, then it could be said that they are the industries that provide sustenance to the functions of oil industry. Due to dropped oil prices, the related and supporting industries of the Kingdom are also reporting losses in their income. These industries are the second hardest hit industries after the oil industry due to these drops in prices.Firm strategy, structure and rivalryThe companies in the oil industry of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are arranged in a way that the government maintains most of their control through centralizing the decision making mechanisms. Additionally, the government backed Saudi Aramco is the biggest oil producer in the Kingdom. This shows that the government of Kingdom has deliberately and intentionally created a monopoly to advance its own benefits. The local competition is not strong in the oil industry of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But constant drops in oil ...